endless list of favorite fictional characters [1/?] » Veronica Mars

"I hope we’re still friends after I taser you."

Endless list of favourite films: [15/?] - Jane Eyre (2011)

↳ “Do you think that because I am poor, plain, obscure and little, that I am soulless and heartless? I have as much soul as you and full of as much heart. And if God had possessed me with beauty and wealth, I could make it as hard for you to leave me as I to leave you.

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Golden Gate Bridge, CA

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My fondest dream is that it will be the date movie that breaks up couples nationwide. Maybe people will walk out of there and think, ‘Maybe not. I don’t know if I know you well enough.’ —Gillian Flynn on Gone Girl (2014)
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"I’ll never forget it. I’m sure I’ve been defined by it. I know I’ve been stamped by it.—I’m one of the luckiest people I know. This was a great, great, great opportunity and I just hope that I did the very best that I could." -KM

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News Anchor in my area loses it over a Fat Cat that likes to swim.

I don’t know how she kept it together for as long as she did. I started cackling when the cat started doggy paddling.

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I’m definitely Pro-Selfie. I think that anybody who’s Anti-Selfie is really just a hater. Because, truthfully, why shouldn’t people take pictures of themselves ? When I’m on Instagram and I see that somebody took a picture of themselves, I’m like ‘Thank You’.
I don’t need to see a picture of the sky, the trees, plants. There’s only one you.
I could Google image search ‘the sky’ and I would probably see beautiful images to knock my socks off. But I can’t google, you know ‘what does my friend look like today?’
For you to be able to take a picture of yourself that you feel good enough about to share with the world - I think that’s a great thing —Ezra Koenig being the most adorable human being ever (via damnthosebands)
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But the heart is not like a box that gets filled up. It expands in size the more you love. I’m different from you. This doesn’t make me love you any less, it actually makes me love you more.

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